Vietnamese Coffee Blends

If you frequent cafes for your morning coffee, you are likely to be well acquainted with coffee blends. 

While single-origin coffee, which comes from a particular region or even a particular farm, is wildly popular, blends allow baristas to bring exciting and unique flavour profiles to your cup that would otherwise not be possible.

Most coffee you drink from a cafe unless expressly stated is likely to be a blend. Beans from different growing regions are selected for complementary flavour profiles and combined to try and bring you a perfect cup.

To try and bring you the very best Vietnamese coffee possible, Belvico has also developed some unique coffee blends.

However, rather than taking coffees from different regions, Belvico has taken the interesting step of combining different varieties of coffee that are grown in Vietnam.

Characteristics of Vietnamese Coffee

While the Central Highland region’s spectacular high altitude volcanic soils impart a particular taste to all Vietnamese specialty coffee, there is a big difference between the two varieties of coffee grown in the area.

Robusta coffee, known for being larger, hardier, and higher in caffeine content, has long been grown in the region. It is dark roasted to bring out deep, earthy and nutty notes and is far more acidic due to the higher caffeine content.

In contrast, Arabica is famous worldwide for its more fruity notes and is most often roasted light to medium. It tends to have a more rounded profile due to the lower caffeine content.

While Robusta is far more commonly grown in Vietnam, there is an increasing amount of high-quality Arabica being grown and processed by companies like Belvico.

In the quest for a cup of coffee that perfectly encompasses all that Vietnam has to offer, Belvico has created unique blends of Vietnamese Robusta and Arabica beans.

Creating the Perfect Blend

Creating a perfect blended coffee is no mean feat. It takes countless hours of trial and error experimentation to develop a great blend that perfectly captures the essence of the beans used.

After many attempts, Belvico has developed two unique blends that will let you experience the best of Vietnamese coffee.

Belvico Classic Blend

The classic blend takes carefully selected Robusta and Arabica beans from Belvico’s partner farms and roasts them to medium for a light and flavourful final cup.

The combination of these two varieties in the perfect ratio lets you experience the high caffeine hit of the Robusta beans along with the fruity notes of the Arabica without an overwhelming amount of acidity.

Belvico Premium Blend

Although all of Belvico’s coffee is special, the premium blend has been created with only the best beans selected throughout harvesting and processing.

If you want to experience the pinnacle of Vietnamese coffee, then this is the blend for you. Roasted to a perfect medium, this blend is smooth, has a balanced taste, thick mouthfeel and a long pleasant aftertaste. 

Try The Best Vietnamese Coffee Blends

If you want to try the best Vietnamese coffee, then these unique blends from Belvico are for you. 

While many blends take coffee from different growing regions, these blends are unique for taking different varieties from Vietnam's premier growing region, the Central Highlands.

Amazing Arabica and Robusta beans are harvested, processed and roasted by Belvico and then blended in the perfect ratio for a unique and balanced flavour.

Order some ground or whole coffee blends from Belvico today and taste this fantastic coffee for yourself.

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