Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, one thing that gets your day started right is a good cup of coffee.


Coffee culture has spread around the world, and you can find a good cafe in just about any city in the world, but as a short time visitor, you can struggle to find these hidden gems.


In your hotel or short term rental, you may get some instant or drip coffee, but if you are used to a more nuanced brew, these can be a little off-putting.


The best solution is to bring your coffee with you, guaranteeing a great coffee every time!


There are many pour-over and immersion brewing methods that are well suited to travel. Requiring minimal equipment and a small amount of clean up, these brewers are perfect for throwing in your bag before you go.

French Press

French Press Coffee

The classic French press is a tried and true way of brewing a decent coffee on the go. Using an immersion technique, brewing with the French press is as easy as adding coffee, pouring boiling water on top and plunging.


In terms of coffee to water ratio, 16 grams of medium ground coffee per cup of water in the French press is an excellent go-to; however, you can modify this based on personal taste. You can pre-measure this before your trip or find a good dosing spoon to help.


Although you can buy large one-litre French presses, a smaller one or two cup press is best for travel. The classic version is made of glass, but a metal or plastic version is recommended to avoid unfortunate breaks when stored in your case.


The robust and textured coffee made with a French press is not for everyone, though. There are also many portable pour-over options suitable for travel that offer a different experience.

Vietnamese Phin

The Vietnamese phin is the epitome of simple brewing, making it a perfect solution for holiday coffee making. 

Consisting of a lightweight aluminum filter, you can find a place for a phin in even the smallest bag. There are no complicated kettles or devices needed. 

All you need is 12-14 grams of coarsely ground coffee and boiling water, and you are ready to brew!

Using a phin, you can expect a small, string brew that is highly invigorating. You can drink it as is, dilute it down to make more of an Americano style, or add milk or a milk substitute.


V60 Pour Over

If you prefer a lighter cup of pour-over coffee when you are on the go, then the V60 might be more your style. With a compact V60 filter and a light pack of filter papers, you can make some great coffee from just about anywhere.

With the V60 pour-over, you will need 16 grams of medium to coarse ground coffee per cup, a single V60 filter paper and some boiling water.


When brewing aV60, most people typically use a kettle with a long spout to control water distribution, but it is unrealistic to bring one of these on a trip with you. Using a regular kettle will be fine.


The coffee you get from a V60 tends to be lighter due to the use of filter paper and can be a great choice if you want to taste the nuanced flavors of medium to light roasted coffee.


It is hard to classify the Aeropress, as it straddles the line between pour-over, immersion and espresso substitutes.

Designed to be simple to use, this kit is a great way to get a good coffee on the go. Although the various components of the Aeropress can be intimidating, to begin with, you will quickly learn how to use this brewer efficiently.

Using 15-18 grams of coffee, you will just need boiling water and an Aeropress filter to get a great cup of coffee in the morning. 

The plunging action of the Aeropress gives an espresso-like flavor to the coffee, which is almost unique to this brewing style.

Choosing the Right Coffee

Choosing the right coffee to use with your preferred brewer is a very important decision. Even the best equipment and flawless method can fall flat if you use substandard coffee beans.

You should aim to use expertly roasted specialty coffee from a roaster like Belvico. As a company that values quality coffee grown ethically, you will be guaranteed a tasty, guilt-free cup of coffee every time.

However, Belvico, like many specialty roasters, only deals with whole beans. So how exactly do you grind beans on the road?

Grinding on the Road

For the true coffee connoisseur, there is nothing like freshly ground beans. Even on the road, you can get the perfect grind for the above pour-over brewing methods with a quality hand grinder.

Using a good quality hand grinder with your Belvico beans will ensure you get the best coffee drinking experience no matter where you are in the world.

Try the Best of Vietnamese Specialty Coffee

While travelling to exotic locales, why not try an exotic blend of premium coffee from Belvico?

Grown and roasted in the stunning Central Highlands of Vietnam, the premium blends from Belvico are the perfect coffee to accompany you on your next adventure.

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