When our business becomes part of your business

Whether you’re interested in distribution rights to our brand, are a cafe operator looking for some of Vietnam’s best coffee, want to start your own coffee brand, or have roasting operations but in need of a supply of green coffee beans - we’ve got solutions. And we love to collaborate.

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Quality. Consistently.

When it comes to quality, we know this is non-negotiable. We use the latest, fully automatic roasting technology from Europe which enables us to create our own unique roasting profiles, and features superior air control, heat distribution, and rapid cooling systems to ensure each batch is the same as the next.

Create your own flavour profile

We work with clients throughout Europe and Asia to create their very own bespoke flavour profiles. Our service is end-to-end, from picking and roasting to any specific packaging requirements you might have - which means all you’ll need to do is let us know what you’d like, when you’ll need it, and where you’d want it to be sent.

Training, support and education

We provide training and education at every step of the way - whether it’s face-to-face or via a Zoom call - so your Baristas can maximise the flavour potential of the coffee and get the most out of the beans. Our technical team is also at your disposal to provide support whenever you need it.

Be part of a brighter future

Most of our clients work with us not just because we have great product, but because we also have great practice.Our Direct Trade initiatives mean you where your coffee comes from, how it’s farmed, and who it’s farmed by.Our lead in the push for a circular economy throughout the region means there’s as little wastage as possible. Our Green bags are biodegradable in any environment - from landfill to rivers and oceans - and decompose in between 1-5 years. Join our cause and be a part of something future generations can enjoy.

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