Our Way

At Belvico everything we do, we do with purpose. Our mission is simple - to upgrade the quality of Vietnamese beans and to put Vietnam’s coffee and its farmers on the world map.

the best coffee farmers

The right farmers. The right methods. The right beans.

We work closely with the best coffee farmers in Lam Dong Province, who understand the Belvico philosophy and follow our strict requirements regarding fertilizer management, harvesting techniques, ripeness of coffee cherries and drying processes. We monitor these processes carefully as it strongly influences the flavor potential of our coffee products.

Honey processed & Greenhouse dried

Our honey roasted and natural greenhouse dried coffee creates set of premium flavours that no one can resist. After we hand-pick and sort the coffee cherries - and their skins and pulps are removed - they are left to dry in the sun naturally, leaving the fruit on the bean, therefore allowing it to “raisin-ify” around the bean. Natural fermentation occurs resulting in the creation of complex flavors and sugars.

Coffee Honey processed
Automation Roasting technology

Consistency. Every single time.

Roasting technology is crucial for consistent quality, therefore we’ve invested in the latest, fully automatic roasting technology from Europe which enables us to create and store different sets of unique roasting profiles, be it our own or bespoke for a client.

We give food safety the attention it needs.

At Belvico, Food Safety is at the top of our list – that’s why each new crop of coffee is tested in a foreign food lab. Have a look at some of our lab results here.

Food Safety is at the top of our list

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100% biodegradable. And we mean it. 

Belvico Coffee Green Arabica 500g


Belvico Coffee Green Blend 500g


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