Cold Brew Recipe 

Summer is here, and even though an excellent hot coffee can still be a good choice, many people are opting for cold coffee to help them get their day started right.

While you can commonly get iced espresso drinks where warm coffee is poured over ice, cold-brewed coffee is becoming increasingly popular in specialty coffee shops.

But what is the difference between standard brewing methods and cold brew? How can you make cold brew coffee for yourself using high-quality Belvico coffee beans?

You will be amazed at just easy it is to make a delicious cold brew for yourself, but first of all, let’s quickly define this brewing technique.

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Luckily, there is nothing at all complicated about cold brewing coffee. It is simply a method of extracting the flavor and caffeine from coffee with cold water rather than hot.

Both espresso and pour-over techniques utilize hot water in the brewing process. 

Espresso machines push high-pressure hot water through a compressed puck of coffee for rapid brewing, while pour-over takes the more leisurely route of letting the hot water naturally filter through ground coffee.

Cold brew coffee is made by covering ground coffee in cold water and letting it sit for an extended period in the fridge. Really, that’s it!

Cold-brewed coffee takes a long time (up to 12 hours) but is a really low fuss way of brewing coffee. It needs this length of time to extract the coffee fully.

Along with the low level of expertise and equipment needed, cold brew coffee also has a distinct and desirable flavor profile.

While hot water methods can lead to increased acidity and bitterness, using cold water significantly reduces these flavor profiles giving a smoother and more rounded drink as a final product.

Making Cold Brew With Belvico Coffee

Now, let’s look at how you can use your specialty Vietnamese coffee from Belvico to make a great cold brew coffee.

There is a range of methods, and you can vary the ratios of coffee to water to your taste, but this is a great base method to base your experimentation on.


To make great cold brew coffee, you don’t need anything special. In fact, you probably have all of this in your kitchen already:

  • A container that has a slightly larger volume than the amount of coffee you wish to brew.
  • 80grams of coarsely ground Belvico coffee for every 1 litre of coffee you wish to brew. This can be scaled to make larger batches as long as you maintain the ratio of coffee to water.
  • 1 litre of drinking water.
  • A kitchen filter or cloth that you can use to filter the brew after steeping.
  • A container for storing your cold-brewed coffee.


No complicated method here, all you need to do to prepare one litre of cold brew coffee is the following:

  • Add 80grams of Belvico coffee to the jar or container.
  • Add 1 litre of freshwater, giving a quick stir or swirl to ensure all the coffee is saturated with water.
  • Cover the mixture and leave to steep for 10-12 hours. This can be on the counter or in the fridge.
  • Once the steeping time is over, pour your brew through your filter into a new container for storage.

  • This mixture will be good for up to 10 days as long as you use fresh beans, like those from Belvico. Now all that is left is to serve up some delicious cold brew!

    Serving The Perfect Cold Brew

    There are many different ways to serve cold brew, and you will find your favourite through experimentation.

    Black Over Ice

    Your Cold Brew is perfectly drinkable as is, and many prefer to serve it black, directly over ice. Sugar can easily be added using sugar syrup.

    As the ice melts, it will begin to dilute the drink, which can be a positive if you find black coffee a little intense.

    Some people who prefer their coffee to remain undiluted make ice cubes out of cold brew coffee to avoid dilution, which is a great solution!

    Diluting Your Cold Brew

    Some people who like a lighter drink purposely dilute their cold brew with water or milk. The perfect ratio will depend on your tastes, but some people go as high as a 50:50 mix of cold brew to milk or water.

    As always, your personal preference will help you create the perfect drink. The most important thing is to get out there and start experimenting!

    Buy The Best Coffee For Your Cold Brew

    If you want the best coffee for your cold brew, look no further than the range of premium Robusta and Arabica beans from Belvico.

    Available ground or as whole beans, the unique flavour of this premium Vietnamese coffee comes to the fore when used in cold brews.

    Try Belvico coffee for yourself and taste the difference!

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