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Bạn hiểu thế nào về cà phê nguyên chất?

Xu hướng uống cà phê nguyên chất sẽ phát triển rất mạnh trong thời gian tới vì những lợi ích cho cá nhân người sử dụng cũng như cho nền kinh tế nông nghiệp Việt Nam.

Our commitment to direct trade

When it comes to coffee, no two words have been as important as “direct trade” and “fair trade” over the past decade. From where it's grown to how its supply chain works, many coffee drinkers are n...

The Coffee Drying Process

Coffee drying is more than just a process to improve the quality and flavour of the beans, it’s one of the longest processes in post-harvest production and a step that can't be skipped. No matter h...

Cold Brew Recipe

Summer is here, many people are opting for cold coffee to help them get their day started right.