Christmas time's coming around again, and with it, the mad scramble to find the perfect gift. Whether it is for a loved one or a corporate gift, it can be tough to come up with an original idea.

We all want to give a gift that will be loved and appreciated, not just another pair of socks to be thrown in a drawer!

A Belvico Gift Box may be the solution you have been looking for. This beautifully presented coffee gift box is a coffee lover's dream. Let's take a closer look at just what you will receive.

Standard Belvico Gift Box

The standard Belvico Gift Box is a great introduction point to Vietnamese specialty coffee. You will receive 2x250g bags of Belvico’s premium coffee in a stylish gift box.

You have the choice of Arabica or Robusta coffee and can specify whole beans or have the coffee ground to your specification. If you are giving this box as a gift, do some research into how the recipient likes their coffee!

This gift box is a great way to sample the flavours of Vietnam’s Central Highlands and support local producers of sustainable premium coffee.

Premium Belvico Gift Box

The Belvico Premium Gift Box is a great choice for a corporate gift or a true coffee lover. Contained in a stylish box like tha standard gift box, the premium box ups the caffeine levels with 2x500g of high-quality coffee.

In addition to this, the Belvico Premium Gift Box also has a stylish colored phin filter and a Belvico branded mug. It gives you everything needed to enjoy the nuanced flavour of Belvicos single origin Vietnamese coffee.

Start Your Christmas Shopping Today

Check out all of the great options for a coffee gift box from Belvico, and start your Christmas shopping today! 

With so many great coffees to choose from, all presented in beautiful gift boxes, this is one gift that is guaranteed to be a hit.

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