Have you ever felt like a traditional Vietnamese coffee but don’t have the right equipment at home? 

This is not an uncommon problem, but luckily, it is possible to make Vietnamese coffee without the traditional phin filter.

Understanding Vietnamese Coffee

To replicate the taste and flavour of Vietnamese coffee, we should first look at what characterises this style. At its core, Vietnamese coffee is a small, strong coffee brewed with a technique that is halfway between filter and immersion. 

It is typically served in a small glass tumbler, similar in size to the glass you would get for a flat white in most cafes. 

Often served warm, it can also be poured over ice. While Vietnamese coffee can be served black, milk, cream or sweetened condensed milk is often added.

Using a French Press to Make Vietnamese Coffee

Probably the most straightforward alternative for brewing Vietnamese coffee is a French Press. Using a complete immersion method is not an exact replica of the Vietnamese phin, but the results are pretty close.

You should use the standard coarse grind for your French Press and brew as usual. Unless you want to make a large number of Vietnamese coffees, you will want to reduce the quantity of both coffee and water.

The action of steeping in the French Press gives quite a full-bodied and ‘gritty’ brew that maintains many of the natural oils in coffee, just like the Vietnamese phin method.

Serve in a glass cup as you would typically: black and hot, black over ice, or with your choice of milk/sugar.

Using a Moka Pot

Stovetop Moka pots are designed to brew an approximation of espresso at home without an expensive machine. 

What they produce is not quite espresso, but it is a small strong coffee similar to a Vietnamese filter coffee. It is a bit ‘cleaner than a filter brew but still highly enjoyable!

Like the French Press method, brew your Moka pot as usual and simply serve it in the style of Vietnamese coffee.

Choosing the Right Coffee

A big part of successfully replicating Vietnamese coffee without a filter is choosing a great coffee. There is no better choice than a freshly roasted Arabica or Robusta coffee from Belvico.

By working directly with Vietnamese coffee farmers and maintaining complete control of the coffee throughout processing, Belvico guarantees the highest quality.

Besides, when you purchase a bag of freshly roasted beans, you can pick up a stylish phin filter for the next time you want a Vietnamese coffee!

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