The term specialty coffee gets thrown around a lot. It sounds cool, and many people seek out specialty coffee, but what is behind the term?

The specialty tag is generally seen as a mark of quality on a coffee, and it is the result of movement in the mid to late 90s to bring the very best coffee to cafes globally.

Around this time, many coffee fanatics realized that there were many factors in the coffee supply chain that affected the final cup.

They understood that if you could control and perfect as many of these stages as possible, the final product would be infinitely better than what most consumers were experiencing.

It is this ‘chain of custody’ for coffee beans from the field to your cup that really puts specialty coffee above the rest. Let's take a look at how this works in practice.

Sustainably and Ethically Grown

The life of your morning coffee begins in one of the world's major coffee-growing regions. For Belvico coffee, that means the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

For many years in Vietnam and other coffee-growing nations, farmers were paid a tiny fraction of the final value of the coffee bean, despite doing arguably the most labour intensive part of the process!

As consumers began to question the origins of their coffee, a lot of attention has been given to the plight of coffee farmers.

Belvico and other Vietnamese specialty coffee companies are committed to giving a fair deal to farmers. With family connections to farmers in the mountains of Vietnam, the team at Belvico knows what it means to farmers to pay a fair price.

The end result is a much higher quality bean due to the care, and attention farmers can dedicate to producing a high-quality product when paid a fair price.

Selected for Quality

By working directly with farmers, Belvico selects only the highest quality coffee cherries for processing into their premium coffee blends.

By being on the ground and participating in the selection process, the master roasters at Belvico gain an intimate understanding of the coffee they are working with and help maintain the final product’s quality.

Processed Carefully

Using carefully-controlled processing facilities, Belvico ensures that minimal outside contaminants can ruin the intricate flavors of the carefully selected coffee.

Also, due to the processing happening so close to the farm itself, there is minimal chance of damage occurring during transport, not to mention the lower carbon footprint of the final product!

Roasted to Perfection

Once the beans have been processed, they are ready to be roasted to perfection in Belvicos’s state of the art roasting facility.

Using the most modern European roasting technology, highly accurate roasting profiles are used to get the best out of every coffee bean.

The end result is a range of extraordinary specialty coffees ready to be enjoyed.

Delivered Fresh to You

Beautifully roasted specialty coffee is only good if you can get it delivered fast. By ordering directly from Belvico, you can ensure you only receive the freshest coffee.

No more buying stale bags from the supermarket shelf! By getting your beans direct, you do your part to ensure the chain of custody remains unbroken and the quality of the beans is preserved.

Expertly Brewed

Of course, the final step for any specialty coffee is expert brewing. This can be in your favorite cafe or your home setup.

As you take your first sip of Belvico coffee, you will feel the care and attention to detail that has been put into every bean to ensure that you get the best specialty coffee experience.

Don’t be left wondering what the best specialty coffee in Vietnam tastes like - try some for yourself!

Order a bag of Belvico’s premium Vietnamese coffee directly from the website and get an authentic specialty coffee experience.

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