Specialty Coffee from Vietnam

Vietnam is not the first name that springs to mind when it comes to specialty coffee.

Ethiopia. Kenya. Colombia.

Among others, these are the traditional heavy hitters of the coffee world. These countries have a strong tradition of producing high-quality coffee that you will find in third-wave cafes globally.

What many don’t know is that Vietnam actually does have a long history of coffee production, even if they are not often recognized for it. Traditionally, Robusta beans have been grown, which are valued for use in instant coffee, but in most people’s minds, not in shots of espresso.

The Central Highlands, the home of coffee in Vietnam, does, however, have all the necessary ingredients to be a world-class coffee-growing region.

With some care and attention to growing, processing and roasting the coffee grown in Vietnam, it can make it onto the global coffee map in a big way.

This is precisely what Belvico is set out to do, and this is how.

Working Directly with Farmers

Belvico is a family business with connections and roots in the local community in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Using these connections, Belvico works directly with farmers of Arabica and Robusta beans.

In the past, quantity mattered far more than quality for these farmers, as the beans were destined for industrial processing. Belvico showed them a different way.

Now, these farmers work with Belvico to produce and select only the highest quality coffee cherries during the harvesting process.

Only accepting the best beans is the first step towards crafting a specialty Vietnamese coffee.

Careful Processing

For the perfect cup of coffee, you need to pay particular attention during the processing of the cherries. Belvico uses both the fully washed and honey processing methods for separating the cherry from the coffee bean.

The beans are then carefully dried in greenhouses to avoid any outside impurities to influence the final taste of the coffee.

From this point, Belvico takes over the process by bringing these high-quality green coffee beans to their purpose-built roasting facility.

Expert Roasting

Belvico’s roasters have been trained in the leading techniques for roasting specialty coffee and have a wealth of experience in getting great results.

The roasting facility, which is located in the Central Highlands, uses the latest Belgian roasting machines in order to achieve a high-quality and consistent result.

The results really speak for themselves. With the care shown by Belvico at every stage of the process, the final results are almost too good to be true.

Belvico transforms the once-maligned Robusta beans of Vietnam into complex and flavourful coffee blends that can hold their own with the best of global coffee.

They have also begun to develop the fledgeling Arabica industry in Vietnam and showcase just how far the Central Highland farmers have come in cultivating this variety.

Try Belvico Coffee for Yourself

The best way to see just how good Vietnamese specialty coffee tastes is to try some for yourself. Take a look at the wide range of coffees available, there is sure to be one that matches your tastes!

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