Vietnamese Coffee Press vs. V60

When it comes to coffee brewing methods, the third wave of speciality coffee has introduced a lot of new options, while also going back to some tried and true methods.

Among coffee lovers, and in many cafes, the emphasis is increasingly on pour-over brewing techniques.

Both the V60 and Vietnamese coffee filter (phin filter) have a long history and brew a unique cup of coffee, but what are the key differences between these two brewing methods?

Brewing Belvico Vietnamese Coffee with the V60


Let’s start by taking a look at the method for brewing coffee with a V60 filter.

The V60 is a pour-over method for making coffee that utilises a V-shaped filter that slopes downwards at 60 degrees, a feature that gives this method its distinctive name.


In order to brew a cup of coffee with a V60, you will need the following:

  • V60 coffee dripper
  • V60 filter paper
  • A kettle, ideally with a long neck for pouring
  • A scale that measure in 1 gram increments
  • A cup or mug
  • Medium ground coffee


Once you have the required equipment, it is time to get brewing. This is a relatively simple process that can easily be done at home. We have a full article on brewing coffee with the V60 method here. 

Brewing Belvico Vietnamese Coffee with a Phin

There are some similarities between brewing with a V60 and a traditional Vietnamese phin filter, but also some key differences.

The phin is a traditional brewing method first developed in Vietnam after the introduction of coffee by French colonists. The phin itself is an over-cup filter like the V60, but does not utilize filter paper, arguably making it much simpler for home use.


In order to brew a cup of coffee with a Vietnamese phin, you will need the following:

  • Phin filter, which includes the lid, main chamber, tamper, and filter plate
  • Coarsely ground coffee, either Arabica or Robusta (for a traditional flavour profile)
  • A cup of your choice
  • A kettle, ideally with a long neck for pouring
  • A scale


We have a full article on what we think is the best brewing method for Vietnamese coffee press.

How V60 Brewing Differs from Traditional Methods

While these are both pour-over methods with some similarities in the brewing process, there are some distinct differences in the final product between these two methods.

Firstly, the presence of the tamper in the main chamber during the brewing phase with the phin acts to slow the brew speed considerably. 

This compression of the grounds and subsequent slower brew speed results in an overall stronger and fuller bodied brew.

In comparison, the brew speed of the V60 is quite a bit faster, resulting in a more mellow brew. 

The strength of a coffee brewed with a phin means you will probably stop at one, whereas drinkers of a V60 coffee will often make a double batch to enjoy more than one cup.

If you are a coffee lover at heart, you will find something to like about coffee brewed with a V60 or a phin, so go ahead and try both!

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