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Belvico’s Premium Robusta beans are hand-picked, then honey processed and naturally greenhouse dried to enhance its sweet and fruity notes, yet arouse the most exquisite natural flavours of Robusta.

Now available in our 100% biodegradable bags, every single component - from the closing zipper to the off-gas valve - breaks down in any environment.

Taste notes: 
Caramel, nutty, light fruity flavour, smooth with a long aftertaste

Roast level: 

Caffeine level: 
High ~2.2%


Coffee Beans: Suitable for V60 paper filter and Espresso

Ground Coffee: Suitable for Vietnamese Filter

NB - For special requirements with regards to grind, please send us a note when placing your order

Other information:

Belvico coffee does not contain artificial colourants, flavours, or preservatives.

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