Many of us drink coffee every single day (or even multiple times in a day) but have you ever stopped to think about where your coffee actually comes from?

One of the defining features of third-wave coffee is knowing where your morning brew comes from, but not many people get further than the label stating the country of origin for their favorite beans.

A lot of people are happy not knowing more than that. However, if you take the time and effort to dig deeper into where your coffee comes from, you can discover some fascinating information about the premier coffee-growing regions of the world,

Vietnam is one of the top producers of coffee in the entire world, yet the origins of these beans remain a mystery to many. Let’s take a look at the interesting heritage Belvico’s Vietnamese coffee beans.

The Central Highlands

To the casual observer, Vietnam is a country of bustling cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, or serene the picturesque beaches of the nation’s long coastline. Most tourists do not venture far from these popular places into the wild interior of the country.

As you leave the low lying, tropical coastal regions and take the winding roads into the mountains, you can be forgiven for thinking you have travelled to a different country altogether.

With an increase in altitude, the weather becomes far more temperate and at certain times of year there may even be a faint chill in the air. Lush green forests surround you, growing out of the deeply rich red soil of the volcanic mountain ranges.

Then, you will eventually arrive at the centre of the Central Highlands region, the town of Dalat. Frequently shrouded in a light fog, this mountain town is centered on a lake and has a European vibe that cannot be found anywhere else in Vietnam.

Although this region was inhabited long before European colonization, French administrators and officers spurred the growth of this region in modern times, as they sought a break from the high temperature of the lowlands.

They soon realized that the climate and rich volcanic soils of the Central Highlands were perfect for the cultivation of coffee.

Still today, coffee is the biggest cash crop in this region and helps Vietnam rank among the largest coffee producers in the world.

While there are coffee plantations of all sizes, it is still family producers who are responsible for the majority of coffee production in the region. 

Family-Owned Farms

Coffee is still very much a family affair in Vietnam's Central Highlands. For generations, the same families have toiled to bring coffee to the world.

Although coffee is a highly sought after commodity, coffee production has not always been a highly lucrative pass time in Vietnam.

Robusta beans are the variety that is typically grown in the country. This variety of shrubs produces larger beans with a much higher caffeine content than the Arabica beans found in most cafes around the world.

The traditional way of drinking coffee in Vietnam is suited to these robust, more bitter beans, but global tastes have clearly favoured Arabica.

This meant that much of the Robusta crop went for processing into instant coffee or the extraction of caffeine to be used in other beverages. This left the farmers at the mercy of market prices which wildly fluctuate.

One roasting company with strong connections to the family farmers is trying to change this narrative. The team at Belvico have realized that it is possible to grow and roast high-quality Robusta beans that will be welcomed in cafes around the world.

Working directly with the coffee-growing families of the Central Highlands, they have begun to produce high quality, specialty roasted Robusta coffee.

High Tech Roasting

Belvico can only ensure the highest quality final product because they control the process from the field to your cup.

A critical step in this process is their state of the art roasting facility located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. 

Using the latest European roasting technology, Belvico takes only the best beans from farms across the region and roasts them to perfection.

Being so close to the source of the beans and having direct input on the entire process, Belvico can bring the very best of Vietnamese coffee to your cup.

High-Quality Vietnamese Coffee Delivered to You

Now you can try high-quality Vietnamese coffee for yourself in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is head over to the Belvico shop and choose your ideal premium single bean or blended coffee from the Central Highlands.

Buying direct and cutting out the middle man means you are supporting Belvico and the coffee farmers of the Central Highlands and guaranteeing you get the freshest possible beans delivered to your door.

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