Despite being a top global producer, there is not much information out there about the flavor profile of Vietnamese coffees.

This is partly because it is a complicated issue. There is a big difference in taste between the more traditional style of Vietnamese coffee and what is now produced by specialty roasters like Belvico.

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of Vietnamese coffee and look at some of the exciting new flavor profiles present in Belvico’s premium Arabica and Robusta beans.

Traditional Vietnamese Coffee

Traditionally, Vietnamese coffee was almost entirely low-quality Robusta that had been dark roasted for use in phin filter coffee.

With most people sweetening the string a bitter brew with sweetened condensed milk, producers did not prioritize quality and more gentle roasting methods.

In more recent years, coffee drinkers in Vietnam and worldwide have become a little more discerning. 

Now, the origin of the beans is more important, and many coffee lovers prefer black or unsweetened coffee to taste the subtle flavor profiles of the bean itself.

Belvico has embraced this change in coffee culture and has begun to produce high-quality Vietnamese specialty coffee.

Belvico Premium Arabica 

Belvico has worked directly with farmers in the Central Highlands to grow quality Arabica beans. Even though Robusta was traditionally grown, the fertile soil and unique climate in this region are also perfect for Arabica production.

By working with farmers directly, Belvico ensures that only the highest quality, fully ripe coffee cherries make it to their processing plant. 

Proceeding directly from the greenhouses where they are dried to Belvico’s roasting facility, quality is ensured at every step of the process.

With a medium roast, the delicate flavours of this coffee are preserved. With a cup of Belvico’s Premium Arabica, you can expect to detect notes of orange, lime, tropical fruits with a sweet herbal aftertaste.

Belvico Premium Robusta

The Belvico Premium Robusta range is a new take on growing and roasting coffee in Vietnam.  

Belvico takes the approach to quality as their Arabica production but utilizes the honey processing technique to impart exciting new flavours to their Robusta beans.

Honey processing leaves some of the natural membranes on the coffee bean during the fermentation and drying process, enhancing the fruity notes that are not generally at the forefront in Robusta coffees.

Also, medium roasted, the Belvico Premium Robusta has nutty and caramel notes, with slight fruity undertones and a smooth aftertaste.

Taste the Best of Vietnamese Coffee

If you want an authentic taste of the Vietnamese Central Highlands, look no further than the premium Arabica and Robusta from Belvico.

With a range of options for any taste, you can have great coffee shipped directly to your door right now!

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