The Best Gift for a Coffee Lover 

No surprise that there is no better gift for the coffee lover in your life than coffee!

The big problem, though, is what type of coffee to buy? Coffee lovers can be notoriously picky about what beans they use in their morning brew.

Also, it can be hard to excite and surprise with a coffee gift. The most famous beans and roasters are well known.

This is why you should look to lesser-known producers of speciality coffee, like Belvico.

What makes Belvico Coffee the Perfect Gift?

Belvico is a boutique roaster working directly with producers in the Central Highlands of Vietnam to bring the very best of Vietnamese coffee to the world.

There are many reasons why Belvico coffee is the best gift for the coffee lover in your life.


Despite being a major global coffee producer, Vietnamese coffee is entirely off the radar for speciality coffee lovers.

Single-origin beans are the gold standard when it comes to speciality coffee. Unlike the blends you find in chain coffee stores or supermarkets, which take beans from various regions and producers, single-origin roasts come from a specific area or even a farm.

Microclimates in specific regions impact the flavor of coffee, and ensuring all the beans in your bag of coffee come from a particular area ensures you are experiencing the best that part of the world has to offer.

This process also helps to support local farmers in the area and showcases the results of their hard work.

Belvico uses beans exclusively grown in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. This region is known for its rich volcanic soils and has long been the epicentre of Vietnamese coffee production.

By working directly with family-owned farms in the region, Belvico selects and roasts only the very best coffee.


One of the most exciting aspects of Belvico coffee is the use of Robusta beans.

Speciality roasters have a strong preference for Arabica beans, as these are by far the most popular in Western-style coffee shops around the world.

Robusta has often been discounted due to its increased bitterness because of high caffeine content and the low overall quality of the beans that were produced.

Belvico is working hard to change perceptions about Robusta coffee. By working directly with family farms, they can select the very best beans from each crop.

The coffee lover in your life has probably never had a high-quality cup made with Robusta beans, and a gift of high-quality Belvico coffee will surely surprise you.


Along with selecting the highest quality beans directly from the farm, Belvico also carefully roasts them in their facility.

With modern roasting equipment and the best training in roasting techniques, Belvico has found a way to bring the best out of Vietnam’s Robusta beans.

All of Belvico’s beans are roasted to perfection, highlighting the deep and nuanced flavors of this high quality, single-origin coffee.


Belvico’s coffee gift boxes are not only high quality in terms of coffee beans but also in design. Our packaging has luxury feel to it and the dark blue color scheme with gold accents gives the boxes a sophisticated look. 

If you make a larger order you can add your own branding to the boxes, making it a great option for a corporate gift.

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