As with many good things in life, simplicity is key. It is what makes this duo of coffee and ice cream, two of Italy’s most well-known ingredients, such an amazing combo.

Affogato, also known as “affogato cafe” by true Italians, is a welcomed and refreshing pick-me-up on any hot, summer day. The name translates into “drowned”, or “drowned in coffee” which is logical when you think about the scoop of ice cream melting away in the coffee.

There are different ways to make an affogato at home depending on your take on it: a refreshing drink, or a dessert? No matter how you view it, preparing it is easy. All you need for the basics is Belvico coffee and Italian vanilla gelato!

Ingredients (2 servings)

  • 2 ice-cold glasses (put your glasses in the freezer for 10 min or more before serving).
  • 2 teaspoons - you didn’t think you could drink an affogato, did you?
  • 2 espresso shots (or 4 if you’re used to drinking strong coffee) - No worries if you don’t own an espresso machine, you can make an affogato with coffee from a French press or on the stovetop just as easily.
  • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream - choose the best vanilla gelato you know to get the full Italian experience!
  • Optional: a splash of Amaretto, Bailey’s, or Kahlua.

A step-by-step guide

First things first: make coffee

Using a coffee machine - start with brewing 1 or 2 (if you prefer your affogato strong) espresso shots using freshly ground Belvico beans

French press - brew 2 cups of Belvico coffee in your French press

Stove-top - brew 2 cups of Belvico coffee in your Moka pot

Adding the gelato

Believe it or not, there are two ways you can add your scoop of ice cream to create your affogato. It’s all about whether you prefer your drink to be a coffee or a dessert.

Coffee lovers tend to drown their gelato in their espresso. The icy gelato cools off the coffee and acts as a sweetener and creamer at the same time.
If this is you, present your scoop of gelato in a separate shot glass to then spoon little by little into your espresso and enjoy your affogato for a little while longer.

Sweet tooths will be more likely to use a big dessert glass, add their scoop of gelato first and then pour the espresso on top.
If this is you, take a moment and watch the ice cream slowly melt into a delicious layer of goodness before you dig in. Mama Mia!

Optional extras

Not a fan of Amaretto, Bailey’s, or Kahlua? You can just as well use any other fruity or nutty liquor you like. Same goes for the gelato: try mocha, chocolate, or any other flavour you desire.

Adding whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, fresh berries and caramelised nuts will turn this heavenly duo of coffee & ice cream into a proper dessert.

Insiders tip: Vanilla gelato pairs well with our Belvico Blend. Try it out, take a picture of your perfect affogato and tag #belvicocoffee so we can share!

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