How to Make Chemex Coffee

Despite the almost futuristic sounding name of the Chemex coffee brewer, it has actually been around since 1941.

Next time you go to watch some old classics, keep an eye out, and you may just spot a Chemex brewer in the background!

This is one of the classic pour-over coffee methods that has seen a modern resurgence. Using some delicious specialty coffee from Belvico, you can make a great morning brew with the Chemex.

Let’s take a detailed look at how you can brew the best possible cup of coffee with a Chemex and Belvico specialty coffee.

It Starts With Great Coffee

Like every brewing method, the quality of beans you use will have the single most significant impact on the quality of the final cup.

Although equipment and method can make a difference, without a fresh, expertly roasted coffee, all that effort and equipment will go to waste.

For the best cup of coffee with a Chemex brewer, use Belvico coffee. With complete control over the harvesting, processing and roasting, Belvico brings you the best of Vietnamese specialty coffee.



To brew coffee with a Chemex, you will need the following equipment:

  • A 3 cup Chemex.
  • A Chemex filter. These come in bleached and unbleached varieties, and some believe the bleached variety imparts an undesirable flavour to the coffee.
  • A kettle, ideally one with a long pouring spout.
  • A scale.
  • A timer (if not included on the scale).
  • A Spoon.
  • 25 grams of medium-coarse ground coffee from Belvico

Once you have your equipment gathered, it is time to get brewing!


For a great cup of coffee from the Chemex, use the following method:

Boil the Water

To save time, get your water boiling first so that it is ready once you have got the Chemex filter prepared.

The best temperature for brewing with the Chemex is water that is a little off the boil, so don’t worry if it finishes boiling a few moments before you are ready.

Fold Your Filter

The Chemex uses the same filter for both the 3 and 6 cup version. This filter needs to be folded twice for use in the smaller Chemex. 

Fold the filter in half, then fold the top tab inwards before again folding the filter in half. You should have a small triangle of filter paper that fits neatly into the filter.

Place the Filter 

Now, place the filter into the top of the Chemex. There is no right way to place the filter, but it is advisable to put the thick side toward the spout as this reduces the risk of tearing.

Rinse the Filter

Use your boiled water to rinse out your filter and prepare it for use. Doing this removes any potential taste from the paper making into your coffee and warms the Chemex before brewing.

Be sure to pour out this water using before proceeding.

Add Coffee

Now that your filter is rinsed take your scale and weigh out 25 grams of premium Belvico coffee. Pour this coffee evenly into the filter paper. 

Give a little shake if necessary to evenly distribute the coffee in the filter. The grounds should form a flat bed.

First Pour - The ‘Bloom’

Take your Chemex and place it on your scale. Now, take your kettle of boiled water and pour 40 grams of water over the ground coffee.

Try to use a circular motion from the outside of the coffee toward the centre to ensure equal extraction. Once you have finished pouring, take a spoon and gently stir the coffee and water, then wait 30 seconds.

Gasses are expelled here in this phase called the ‘bloom’, and having a little bit of patience here will result in a better-tasting cup of coffee.

Second Pour

Keeping the Chemex on the scales, pour more water until you reach a total of 400 grams (including the 40 grams from the bloom).

You will need to break this up into multiple stages, as the filter can not accommodate all of this water at once. 

Remove the Filter and Enjoy

Once all of the water has filtered through the ground, carefully lift the filter out and dispose of it. You can now pour the coffee directly from the Chemex into your glass.

Make Great Chemex Coffee With Belvico Beans

To make the best Chemex coffee, start with unique, fresh roasted beans from Belvico.

These premium, ethically sourced beans showcase the best Arabica and Robusta beans that Vietnams Central Highlands has to offer.

You will taste the care and attention to detail of Belvico in every cup!

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