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In this day and age, with most of us living a fast-paced life, convenience and speed is something that needs to be prioritized. When it comes to coffee, there is always the type of customer that doesn’t like having to wait too long for their cup of coffee, even if it’s just to take away. The alternative to that is stopping by the convenience store for a can or bottled coffee - but is that the real taste of coffee that customers are looking for?

Enjoying coffee on-the-go is largely becoming a trend. Many major coffee brands have also adapted to better suit this trend by switching from the in-store drinking model to convenient take away coffee carts.

Imagine this, one morning a customer comes to your cafe for a fresh brew. He or she enjoys it so much they decide to return the next day, but to their dismay finds that this time, the taste was different and completely unsatisfactory – due to inconsistency in the quality of the brew.

This is the problem in most coffee shops these days.

For any coffee shop, in addition to the drinks on the menu, the cup of coffee is still a core product that brings in revenue as well as creates the gut of the cafe. However, producing a cup of coffee that’s full of flavor, clean, and with consistent taste and quality every day to serve customers is not easy.

Listening and understanding the difficulties of coffee shop owners, Belvico's team have worked hard to develop our own Belvico bottled coffee products. Let us tell you more about our Belvico bottled coffee.

Ready-to-drink Coffee, bottled Belvico


Belvico bottled coffee with uniform quality:

With 3 years of brewing experience and a monthly supply of about 3000 liters of coffee to many famous coffee chains, Belvico's professional brewing line produces quality coffee on a consistent basis. Our business is fully certified and licensed (from a Food Safety perspective) to meet the criteria of non-alcoholic beverages.


Belvico bottled coffee that highlights the traditional flavour of filtered coffee:

A selection of high-quality Robusta Honey combined with Arabica in the region. Developed by SCA qualified roasters to create their own roasting profile for the traditional filter, providing a rich flavor, thick body, sweet, aromatic and long aftertaste. Great for iced milk or black iced coffee.


Belvico bottled coffee is an option to reduce operating costs for café owners:

With Belvico bottled coffee, you won’t have to worry about guiding, training, and monitoring the barista. The quality of coffee will not be affected because we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Without having to boil water, process coffee grounds or spend a lot of time making each filter, as a business owner, you can spend this time focusing on customer service. Plus, because it’s already bottled, there’s no risk of wastage.

Belvico makes it easy to access the natural flavor of coffee in the most convenient way; by highlighting the rich and seductive taste of traditional filter coffee. This product is very suitable for coffee shops that want to get high-quality, uniform cups of coffee without having to focus too much on baristas or in-depth knowledge of coffee.

Our bottled coffee is also perfect for office applications when you don’t have the equipment or resources to make coffee. Just open a bottle of Belvico coffee and add sugar, milk, and ice to have a perfect cup of coffee – you’ll be energised and ready to take on your day. Not just for in the office, but also on the run, Belvico bottled coffee is great for your travel and business trips, when you want that familiar taste of your favourite brew.

For more information, or to enquire about our wholesale, please contact Belvico using the information below:

Phone: 02633 600 660
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Hotline 0971 666 549 / 0914 970 923

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