Arabica Coffee From Vietnam

When it comes to specialty coffee, which focuses on espresso and pour-over drinks using ground whole beans, Arabica coffee is by far the preferred option.

Arabica beans feature light, fruity tones when well roasted and have a significantly lower caffeine content when compared to the other major variety, Robusta.

Vietnam is the world’s largest producer of Robusta, and its own unique way of brewing coffee has long been associated with this under-appreciated variety.

However, in an effort to raise the profile of Vietnamese coffee, a number of growers are turning their hand to growing Arabica beans or improving the quality of existing Arabica farms.

The Perfect Climate

One of the reasons why Robusta coffee has been grown for so long in Vietnam is due to the unique climate and soil conditions in the Central Highlands.

This region in the south-west of the country is high in altitude, like many of the premium coffee growing regions in the world, such as Kenya or Colombia.

Along with the perfect temperature, the rich, red volcanic soils of the Central Highlands provide all the nutrients coffee bushes need to thrive.

While the primary crop for Vietnamese coffee growers has traditionally been Robusta beans, an increasing number are beginning to plant crops of Arabica plants.

While high-quality Arabica can fetch a much higher price on the market, it takes a lot of care and attention to grow and process these beans.

Even a small mistake in the farming and processing of Arabica can make it unsuitable for specialty roasting, which is why roasters like Belvico work directly with farmers to get the best results.


Direct from the Farm

Belvico is a family business started in the Central Highlands by those who have been a part of the coffee industry for generations.

Using their connections with local farmers, the Belvico team monitors the entire farming process and processing of Arabica beans from the Central Highlands, choosing only the best quality beans to take to their roasting facility.

Working directly with farmers to improve their ability to grow high-quality Arabica is not only great for Belvico as a roaster, but it also helps local farmers make more profit with a more desirable product.

Roasted by Belvico

High-quality green Arabica beans can only become a great cup of coffee with the right roasting equipment and techniques.

Belvico’s roasters are highly trained and have the latest roasting technology to achieve the perfect roast every time.


The Belvico premium Arabica uses high-quality Typica, Bourbon, Pacamara, and Moka beans handpicked and selected for processing.

These Arabica beans are processed using the fully washed method before being dried in greenhouses, ensuring consistency of flavour and a pure taste.

Our premium Arabica represents some of the highest quality beans available from the Central Highlands. You will taste the care and attention in every single cup you brew.

The result of all this effort is truly stunning. Vietnamese Arabica from the Central Highlands can stand on its own against the best specialty coffee globally.

When you next get the chance, try some of Belvico’s expertly grown and roasted Arabica for yourself and taste the difference.

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